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Mar 6, 2015
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We are used to slime and spammers in this business, it's just a way of life, unfortunately. These are some of the most corrupt people that exist in my opinion, they value nothing or nobody but themselves. With that said, we have learned to deal with it to some extent…but the following Google+ Map Listings are trademark violations in addition to Google policy violations and are trying to steal our identity!

They use the same legal name as our business (one has a slight variation).

They are using OUR Yelp page as their website address.

They are criminals.

Any help you can give to escalate this request would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for sharing.

I don't escalate posts from here to Google though. Did you post at the Google for as I suggested yet?
If so, please give me a link and I'll escalate there.

But in that thread you'll need to explain more clearly and be sure you link to AND list out your business details to be sure they know what's yours and correct - that's on the other listings.
Oh and as I mentioned to Lisa via email, this is the 2nd case I've seen of a locksmith spammer using an existing locksmith's Yelp page. So could be a new spam trick/trend.

Dino had the same problem and posted here and the G forum about it.

I've escalated that one 3 times so far but am not certain action has been taken yet.
Or wait, I think after 1st escalation some came down, but then new ones surfaced.
Thank you for the response!

I have not posted to Google, but will this evening.

My only concern is them confusing my accurate, legal, and legitimate listing with the SPAM?That would be seriously bad!

Any good way to prevent that from happening?
Yes you need to answer the questions that will be in the 1st post.

That will show you right up top what your listing details and URL are.
But I'd be sure you're in compliance before posting.

That's why I explained you need to post more details. If you only posted those links then someone might investigate find yours due to similar info and assume it's part of the spam ring.
Ok. Thats not a problem.

We aren't 100% in compliance, we are 1000% in compliance.

I will list everything as you mentioned.

Thank you soooo much.
Thanks for link so I didn't have to search to try to find it Lisa.

Just replied over there.

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