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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, most times it's very difficult for me to add my page's targeted keyword to the Alt info so I use the kw only in the file name itself. "For SEO purposes" is it more important to accurately describe the image in the ALT info or is it more important to try to squeeze in the kw even if it means the Alt info will look more like kw stuffing please?
Hi Mike,

I'd make it descriptive and include keywords.

This study discovered that alt text in images on the GBP landing page can influence ranking.

Yes, that is the goal but as mentioned sometimes very difficult for me to do to make it not look like kw mis-use. For example, if I had an image of a clogged shower drain and my kw for my Drain Cleaning Services page is "drain cleaner service near me", what should the Alt info look like please anyone?
I would most likely make the alt text a keyword but more specific to clogged shower drains.
Can I trouble you or anyone to give just one example for the info given in my previous post please just so I can get a grasp of it then I I ill be able to apply the same principle to my other images?

Why don't you take a look at some of the pages that are currently ranking for what you're trying to get the page to rank for. Check out some of the images and see what the images are using for their alt text I think that would give you a good starting point.
I had tried looking at top competition of whatever niches and what I never could understand was why are they ranking? Lack luster page content, meta title and description not optimized to the best and some no alt image info on their images so I have nothing to go by which is why I am inquiring here.

So if no one here can give me an example from the info I have given, I will simply give accurate descriptions in the Alt instead of adding the kw which may not read right, thx.
Look at this as living proof of what I had previously stated. This is THE top plumbing company in the US

and this is their Alt info for the main image on their Drain Cleaning page


and for the 2nd image below "plumbing-hero".

NO description for both images, see what I mean now? So as mentioned if I can;t come up with Alt info reflecting both description and my kw then it's one or the other and I am thinking description should be better for google?
Forget about putting "near me" in your image, just focus on the keyword and description itself;

Your Provided Info:
image: clogged shower drain
keyword: Drain Cleaning Services
page: drain cleaner service near me

My Alt Text suggestion:
Professional offering drain cleaning services for clogged shower drains

You can go with additional ones like:
Clear clogs with our drain cleaning services
Clogged drain? Trust us for expert shower drain cleaning

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