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Oct 15, 2013
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A doctor's office (a clinic) has 10 different physicians and specialists. The clinic has their own GMB listing and their own reviews. Would it be beneficial for the clinic to add a GMB listing for each of the physicians and specialists? So there would be 11 GMB listings total rather than one. Each of the physicians and specialists are unique, one is internal medicine, one is family medicine, one gastroenterology, etc..

Once concern the clinic has is that clients will start writing reviews on each individual doctor's GMB listing and not on the main Clinic's listing. If they start writing reviews on the other GMB listings (and not on the Clinic's listing), will it be an issue for the Clinic?

How have you dealt with this? One listing and maybe list each specialty as a 'service' in the main GMB listing? Or have 11 listings?

Also, if you create the 10 more GMB listings, would you list these GMBs as being inside the main clinic?
Hey Bill,

If the primary categories on GMB are unique I would create practitioner listings. Provided they don't overlap with the main practice listing. So the main practice could rank for xyz and practitioner listing A could rank for abc. This is actually a great strategy if done correctly. Make sure the GMB landing pages for each doctor is unique. So link to a bio page, for instance.

The review concern is a separate issue and can't be fully contained. Users will naturally start leaving reviews for their specific doctors. I think the trade-off is worth it though if you are casting a wider ranking net and more net appointments booked. You can put some degree of control in place by making any automated review gathering efforts (think GatherUp) focused on the main practice GMB.
Hello Bill,
How is the clinic generating reviews now? You may consider having the main GMB account utilize a Short URL, while the individual doctors would not. This way you could use the Short URL in any collateral which encourages customers to leave a review and it would land them on the main GMB as opposed to the doctor specific GMBs. This could help mitigate things a bit.
Right now the clinic has the one GMB listing--the other physicians' GMBs haven't been set up yet. the short URL has been set up. The clinic does ask them to leave a review when the 'check out' and pay after each appointment.

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