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Jun 28, 2012
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How long does it take citations from various sources to hit Google???
The answer? No one was really sure til now.

Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm just did a totally awesome infographic. They admit the info is best guess and assembled through a variety of methods but it looks really solid to me.

I can't imagine how much work goes into something like this. So even though I could probably share it here on the forum, want to send you over to Mikes to see the full infographic AND to read the explanations and the growing list of comments.

Here is just a teaser snippet - a peek at the infographic. Head to Mikes to see it all.

REALLY good stuff!

Pretty interesting infographic. I'm surprised at how long it takes for data to propagate with InfoGroup and UBL! I knew it was a long time but not that long.

Travis Van Slooten
Back a LONG time ago when I 1st started working with UBL they explained it, that when you submit your data, UBL packages it up, with all the other listings and leaves it outside their front door. Then the other data providers swing by and pick it up on their schedule. Sometimes a week later, sometimes a month later. (This was 2 years ago and I'm sure things have changed.)

I stopped doing citations about a year ago so all I know now is what I read at Mike's and other places.

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