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Oct 8, 2015
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The barriers-to-entry for making videos be lower, but it still takes Topics, Time ($), Tools and a touch of Talent for a Local Business to make it happen. The returns for a Video Marketing Program are strong for website rankings, social media engagement and email, too. But talking about it and actually doing it are two very different things...

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Infographic - Getting Local Biz into a Video Mktg Program.jpg

Infographic - Getting Local Biz into a Video Mktg Program.jpg
This is great information we are looking into ways to offer video programs and this is a great way to pitch it to clients. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Videoposts, thanks for sharing.

I'm HUGE on the benefits of video for local. In fact I've been trying to launch a new type of video product for local businesses for a couple years now. No time and not enough carpal to get it done, but still plugging away. :p
Thx Linda for your comment and for running to his forum -- happy to chat with you anytime about your thoughts on local video. Tim
To all of this I would add--don't skip the script work. A lot of businesses go "off the cuff." Professional editing won't help if you don't lay the foundation. Have someone write the script (this doesn't have to be expensive, I promise).

If you're using live actors or members of your business or whomever have them practice delivering their lines, just as if they were in a movie production or TV show. It will make a difference to the professional quality. It will also make everyone who is in front of the camera feel a lot more confident. Fewer "Ums," and "Uhs." Less rambling to edit out.
There is no one way to do effective video marketing for local businesses. The method that's worked very well for me is focuses on developing topics based on the information needs of potential customers and then recording videos of local business experts providing that information. No scripts and no voice-overs and the cost is low because we do it in one or two takes. We edit the video using Final Cut, transcribe the finished videos and we're careful to provide detailed information about the topic and business in the information sections of YouTube and Vimeo.

This approach has worked very well for my clients, but every business is different.
Hey Paul thx for the input and I agree with you that there is more than one way to 'skin the cat' to make video work for local businesses. On-camera can definitely work if you have someone who is comfortable in the spotlight, and if the finished video has an acceptable level of professionalism I would say. Tim

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