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Jun 6, 2018
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Which of those three options guys offers the best chances to help in rankings? I am thinking since google crawls the backend and no one from google actually sees the image or video then it should not make any difference?
Thanks Joy, that I understand but my question is which of those 3 elements would have the most impact to help rankings or would it not matter as each of those would give the same results?
Based on my experience, it might vary based on the page and what Google wants. If you look at that article I posted, it explains that the best way to see "what Google wants" is to look at the search results for the phrases you're targeting. If they show images, look at Google images to see what types of images Google likes.
Hey guys, I am trying to see what webfx images info looks like. In the Inspect Element or page source I am not noticing any description, alt e.t.c info. Can it be that a company that size does not optimize their images?


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