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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey All,

I hope everything is going well! A colleague of mine brought this to my attention today so I wanted to pass this along and am wondering if anyone else has encountered the (Places) dashboard showing like this:


Notice this dashboard has removed the "Editable" column fields on the right side of the page. Could this, coupled with Jade's recent post instructing us to utilize the G+ dashboard post merge (Google Groups) signal the beginnings of the Places dashboard removal as a whole?

I could be way late on this but just thought I'd get all the experts opinion on this matter ;)

As always, I appreciate your feedback.


Matt that totally looks like a screen shot of just the analytics side of the page. You sure that's not just how the screen shot was taken? It's kinda small and hard to see, but the apply button is cut off on the top right.

Here's my Place page which has everything as normal.
I just cut off part of the page in the screen shot just like the screenshot you showed was cut off.

But here's the full screen shot width and everything is still there like it always has been. At least on mine.

Don't you think that's all it is?

But yes, eventually the Places dashboard will be gone and all will be done in the G+ account. Right now if you've already merged you can manage most of listing in the G+ account but some features are still missing (like cats and stats and service area) so that's why for now you still need the Places dash.
My Dashboard looks the same. Been a few days since it updated to that look
Hi Linda,

Yes, that's exactly it. (I thought the same thing when I first saw it too.) This is showing the analytics side as the 'whole' part of the screen (You can see that the "Apply" button is not cut off.) I tried to make the screenshot larger here:

Furthermore, the "sign out" tab is not being cut off on the top right side of the page -it shows exactly like it does in every other original Places dashboard. This is happening in a very limited number of accounts as of now so it may be a while before others see it (if at all). Also, Mr. Blumenthal has confirmed he is seeing this as well in 1 account.


Ahhhh, now I see what you mean with the full size shot. Missing part was not cut off which is what it looked like to me in the 1st one.

If you click the Google Places logo, top left or locations link - Is there still an edit button there?
Yes, you can still access editing the listing via the "Google Places" logo link or clicking the "Locations" link.
So for now, seems the display of that one page has changed but can still edit.

So main thing for me right now at least is I always copied and saved that right column on the stats screen so I'd have a copy of everything that was in the dashboard.

I assume when you go into edit screen it still shows all the details over in the right column there. But not as easy to do a quick copy and paste.

Yup, exactly Linda! To be safe, actually go into the back-end of the listing and screenshot that for your records in case it disappears. One extra step but better to be safe than sorry :)

Anytime, glad I could be of some help!

Thanks Colan, I cross referenced this thread on yours, but didn't cross ref yours here. Thanks.
I guess the bug has been fixed my dashboard looks like it did a few weeks ago
I second that OmegaMan. I just checked a few and they are back to normal as well.
Thanks Jose and Colan. Good to know. If dashboard is going away soon, wasn't sure G would pull engineers off G+ to fix it.

Someone just posted at the Google forum about a bunch of dashboards with problems. I asked him for screenshots earlier. Then now, just asked him if his problems are fixed too.
Account dashboards are back to normal on my front as well. Thanks for sharing the feedback all, I appreciate it!
All back to normal on your end too, Matt? Great to hear!

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