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Nov 2, 2018
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I've got a couple profiles now where I've uploaded the logo in the photos section, correctly, and I still get this profile incomplete message. Since having a fully complete profile affects visibility in search, I'm a little concerned that something broken on Google's end is sending a signal saying we're missing some important elements. I could see that easily being tied to a modifier for one of the ranking factors e.g. score of 1.2 for complete profile, but 1.1 if 80% complete, 0.9 if 60% complete etc. I realize that's conjecture, but I'm a sufficiently paranoid SEO. And both the GMB dashboard and the documentation on on local search ranking factors state completeness is a factor, so it's not coming out of thin air.

Anyway, has anyone else run into this and does anyone else have a workaround to fix it?
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