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Hi Jamie,

Welcome and thanks for adding a great ranking puzzle!

This one's a little odd. Not because there is no website. You can rank in Google blended with no website. It is a little odd for a siteless listing to rank A for this competitive of a KW though.

But it ranks at least in part because it's keyword stuffed. That title is a complete violation, but sadly he's gotten away with it so far and having the words Irvine Real Estate, Homes and Realtor in the name are all helping him rank.

What's really odd though is the phone # is missing. This appears to be a claimed listing but no one would enter one, especially a Realtor, and leave out phone. And I don't think the system will let you submit without a phone. Plus phone is the P in NAP. So having it missing should mess up the ranking. But I assume the phone is in dash and Google is reading it. There is just a bug and it's missing from the live listing.
Hmmm in map maker a person or maybe bot deleted phone and website a year ago. But I assume they are still listed in the dashboard. BUT that site is down. So who knows. Could be a Realtor that's not ever in business any longer and therefore never noticed his site is down and listing is messed up.

Anonymous9939 Jul 24, 2012
Phone Deleted
+1 949-705-6815 Phone

Website Deleted

So given all that it's even odder that he ranks A.
I was wondering if they deleted the phone number and website because they are no longer in business. But how odd to take the one spot like that and not have a phone number.
The deleted phone number in Map Maker goes to a residential location, I just checked.

Interesting, the Yahoo Local listing attached to the G+ Local page goes to Irvine, Mortgage & Real Estate Realtors - Irvine Realtors, Bill Gray Realtor in Irvine | Irvine, Mortgage & Real Estate Realtors - Irvine Realtors, Bill Gray Realtor (951) 520-5911 # 4000 Barranca Pky, Irvine, CA 92604 | <Real Estate/Real Estate Agen

Same address, but a different agent. Phone number on that Yahoo listing is not in service.

Definitely seems like we are dealing with a business that is no longer there, or at least there are new agents/owners.
Being new to this I am glad it wasn't something obvious that I missed. Is there any place to report this anomaly to Googles attention?
Sure right on the listing, right column below Manage this Page is "Report a Problem" then there are a variety of options.

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