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Oct 10, 2023
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My client's GBP has disappeared. Unable to find it on maps and it is no longer in the Google Business Profile Manager. We're not sure why it was deleted, they hadn't made any recent changes. They did end their partnership with an employee, but I don't believe that he was the primary owner of the profile, nor was he using a gsuite email, and there were at least 2 other users with access to the profile.
I sent an email to Google's Support yesterday, but the client is impatitent. Just wondering if emailing support is my best option?
Did you end up hearing back from GBP support?
From support I got numerous emails saying, "Your profile was deleted. If you have any other questions, please reply to this email." and then I would reply and receive "We're not sure what your issue is, here are some common solutions to popular questions." So we ended up going through Small Business Advisors and paying $39.99 for a meeting. They were not able to restore the old profile, but they were able to get the reviews merged to a new profile that we had to create.
Overall, extremely frustrating process.

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