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Sep 30, 2022
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Hi, I'm helping out a friend with his small service area business. I told him I'd claim his pre-existing google business profile, request the verification postcard, then make some additions to the profile before turning it over to him. However, I can't get to where I can begin. I'm guessing he might have already claimed it two years ago and doesn't remember doing so.

Using laptop, I found the existing listing on The listing says, "Do you own this business?" I clicked on that, but only get the page for "Find and manage your business", plus the option to add a business. But there is no Manage button. (I've seen what the button looks like when I clicked on other random businesses' links for "Do you own this business?".)

Then I tried There is no "Do you own this business?" link, nor any Manage button. According to Joy's 2020 answer on "Own this business?" Real meaning, that means it has already been claimed and verified. Is that correct? Even so, the guy works long hours every day and he might have forgotten claiming; but I don't think he would have forgotten getting a postcard-with-code from google, even two years ago. So then, is it already claimed/verified, or what?

I've done some testing and found that the problem only occurs on an SAB that has no physical address on it.

But if an SAB does have a listed address, when I click "Do you own this business?", then:
  • I'm told that it is already managed and gives a partially munged email address
  • or else it asks if I want to manage it.
That makes some sort of sense, because otherwise you could just take over any profile that was originally created by google from third party sources like Yelp or Manta.

How to overcome this hurdle? There is available a DBA/fictitious-name and an LLC listing on the state website (both of which show the home address) - if that helps.
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Thanks, @JoyHawkins. None of google docs or any bloggers etc. out there describe how to do this for SABs, only you. I've searched a lot.

Do you think I should delay doing it, though? Because of the extra risk of suspension and the extra long delay in getting a suspension reversed in this current period of "Uptick in suspensions".
Hey Joy!

Great video. When I go to follow your steps for a SAB, my listing does not show up in the dropdown menu like yours did. Any thoughts as to why?

It doesn't show up in the drop down for an SAB. The process is different and is shown in the second half of the video.
@JoyHawkins any thoughts on if it isn't flagged as a duplicate listing?

There is a SAB GBP that we presume was created by Google (the client has no recollection of creating it). I followed your instructions from this post. It says it is Verified in my dashboard but I just requested the post card. Do I need to wait for that post card to verify and then it will get flagged?

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