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Aug 6, 2020
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I was reading through the Google My Business category updates here New Google My Business Categories [Updated Monthly] - New, Deleted, and Updated Categories and was wondering if there was a place that had definitions for the different categories. For context, one of our clients provides heating and cooling services and there are a number of different HVAC categories one can choose. Is there a place to see what category would be the best fit based on the services our client provides? Thanks in advance.
@ryannbull, that would be handy, but there isn't a list like that (that I've ever seen). Of course, that would be a tricky thing to create, because the GMB categories are squishy, overlap with each other, and often still don't accommodate certain types of businesses clearly or at all.

When in doubt, I tend to look at the categories my clients' competitors have specified. Just to see where they land.
@ryannbull I have a list here. It was taken from MapMaker back in the days when that was a thing so the list doesn't contain a lot of the newer GMB categories.

However, I wouldn't choose categories based on that list. I'd look to see what categories people are using for the keywords you want to rank for. This tool helps with that.

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