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Oct 26, 2015
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Over the years I have not given it a lot of thought. I was happy when it happened and did not question it when it didn?t.

Now I am thinking there have to be some kind of recipe that will trigger it. Maybe having the Google map done and embedded on the site? And a number of citations?

It seems to happen automatic when it does happen. SO that makes me feel there is check list of some kind.

Is there a training out there that has this in it?

It all comes down to trust. Lately, if the page has been around for a while and has other trust signals you will receive a phone option. I'm seeing the phone option more and more lately. It's usually only businesses that are being added to the map for the first time that only have a postcard option.
Additionally I would think certain industries that are prone to spam always require postcard verification.
Do you agree Colan?
Absolutely. Good point!

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