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Feb 14, 2022
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Is there any importance to Online Service hours vs stating a business as open 24 hours? Working with businesses that have no physical location but want to rank so would adding online service areas work in place of submitting a business as open 24 hours?
If they don't have a physical location but are available to be contacted by phone or message 24 hours A-day you can simply list 24 hours.

Is that the case?
This business has a physical location, but had these online hours listed as well, so I figured this may be beneficial for businesses without a physical location.
OK sorry I misunderstood. That is a good option for stores with a physical location that are not actually open 24 hours. Agreed!
You should be able to offer service 24 hours as well if you're going to list it that way. I always just try to think about it in a real world sense. Just ask yourself if it makes sense to be listed as 24/7 and if that will be useful to a potential customer.


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