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Aug 12, 2012
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Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.
I seem to have 3 Google+ pages, and I believe that's hurting my local search rankings.
One of the pages has the reviews, the others the videos...2 of them are connected to my profile, but not the third one.
How do I join them all?

If not join, can I pick one and concentrate on it, and let the others just become inactive? I'd pick the one with the reviews, but that one isn't under my profile!

Thanks so much!
Hi Steve,

Those 1st 2 links don't work for us, only you can see them logged into your account.

Can you find the pages with a different browser and give us the direct links? I need to see what type of pages they are. We need links that look like your 3rd one without the /u/0/b/ in them.

You also need to explain which is which. Tell us one each page if it's one you claimed and have access to.

Your 3rd link redirects to this one which appears to be claimed and has reviews and a video:
Is that your main listing? Is it in your dashboard? Because you said the one with reviews isn't under your profile??? But that one is claimed and upgraded to social and you've been making posts even today so it appears you DO have control of it.
That one looks claimed too. Is it in dash?

Think part of problem is the name on the 1st one I linked to. But don't do anything, we need to see them all and understand status of each.
Thank you Linda.
I spoke to Google yesterday and they deleted one of the listings in my dash, as well as verifed the Local page to my profile.

So at this time, there's only this page in my dash.

It says it has 3 reviews, but they are not showing.

This one
is not in my dash, but when I click on it, it leads me to my Places page.

The Google rep told me it takes a week for Places and + page to merge.
Is that what you've found?

Just spoke to Google again.
Was told that the second page is my Places page, and I should delete it and then everything will be under my Plus page.
But, I know that deleting pages is not always a good idea.
What do you say?
No that does not sound like good advice to me.

Should have your page in Places dash as well. For instance the new Reviews widget only shows up there. Plus sometimes deleting Place page will deleted everything if it's connected.

All really depends on how each was created. If you manually merged etc. etc.

Can't really figure it out without a deep dive, step by step timeline and looking at the dashboards which would be a consult. But I am not accepting new clients right now. Email me if you want help and I'll refer you to the company that's handling all my consults for me right now.

Linda is the expert when it comes to this stuff but since she is tied up, I can try and help you if you want. I'm having a hard time following your situation though.

Just circle me on Google+ and message me. You can find my Google+ page below.

Linda, if this doesn't work for you, you can just delete the reply. No problems here.

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