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Jun 28, 2012
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jv16 PowerTools as open source software?
Macecraft Software Newsletter
December 24, 2013

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season if we were to keep this information away from you...

Just like Santa's little helpers, everyone at Macecraft Software have been working extra hard to prepare what can only be described as the biggest event in the history of jv16 PowerTools and the company itself.

jv16 PowerTools is one of the most popular Windows utility suites with a history going back to the late 1990′s and with millions of downloads under its belt.

In the latest user survey carried out in June, over 87% of people rated the software excellent by giving it full 5 points! Same survey was also used to ask about the idea of converting the software to open source. The majority of our users, both paying customers and trial version users, said that going open source would not only be a good idea but they would be willing to participate financially to make it happen.

As you may know, we have been developing jv16 PowerTools for well over 10 years. It started as freeware, was later converted to shareware and now we feel it is the perfect time to make history and take the software to the next level: We want to release jv16 PowerTools as free, open source software!

Open source software means that the software is free to use (yes, by anyone and everyone). But also, the source code, which is the blueprint of how the software is built and how it works, is made public and for everyone to see and improve.

For more details and what you can do to make this possible, please see jv16 PowerTools as open source software? | Macecraft Software



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