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Jul 31, 2015
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Hello all!
I am not sure how to classify this: I was doing a search for “spaghetteria + aosta” (in Italy “spaghetteria” is the place to eat spaghetti and “aosta” is the location) and on the right I saw the knowledge panel for a specific business. I thought that probably that business was really well known in that area and it would make sense for Google to display that knowledge panel.

I did another test with another city (Rome) and I got the same result (of course with a different business in the knowledge panel).

I did a third test using the city I live in (Genova) and I got a knowledge panel of a place outside town, with no site, the business is not verified, there are no reviews, and there are no business info whatsoever in the panel. That got me thinking: could this be a bug of some sort? What do you guys think?

Thank you
Hi Elio and thanks for sharing.

It sounds similar to the "one box" problem that we had a few years ago. Google appeared to be confused and think that if you searched for a generic term like "San Diego plumber" your intent was to find a specific business by that name. (Or usually very close.)

Were the company names that popped up all very close to or exact matches for the search query?
Hi Linda,
thank you for your answer.
As a matter of fact yes (kind of).

They all have in the name the keyword "Spaghetteria" followed by their name" (i.e "Spaghetteria Garibaldi" or "Antica Spaghetteria Francesco e Maria"..basically always something along those lines).

Does this mean that I could coun this as some sort of bug?
Thanks again! :)
Not sure if it's exactly the same thing as I described. Then it was usually closer to an exact match to the query with both keyword and city in the name.

So for example a search for San Diego Plumber might only pull up San Diego Plumbing & Heating.

At any rate, I don't know if I would call it a bug exactly, in the case above. The algo was still trying to deliver the best answer, just got confused and thought you were looking for a specific business instead of a generic City + Keyword type of search.

But in your case again it might be something else. Could be a bug of some kind I guess.
Hello Linda,
thanks again for your clarification. I'll keep this in mind :)
Did you notice this changed recently? Had you searched this in the past and seen a typical 3-pack?
Hey Joy,
this is something I came across just last week, but I don’t know if the results were different in the past or these queries had always shown these results. As soon as I found out about this, I just wanted to get a better idea of what might have been going on there.

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