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Sep 3, 2014
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Home Care Lead Diversion Directories ? A Growing Problem

We see a growing problem, at least in the elder care industry, that we call ?lead diversion directories?. That?s what we call ?directory? websites that use your company brand name to sell leads to other home care companies.

Sometimes they use phony telephone numbers for the companies whose names they use. Sometimes they use ?Request Info? online forms. The point is, they present your company brand name to the user as if the user will receive information about your company. Instead, they give those leads to other providers who pay for them...

I just published this on my company site. It is a more conservatively-named description of the topic I've referred to here in the past, when I called it "lead theft"; upon reflection and consideration of my meager legal defense budget (which is approximately equal to zero) I decided to call it "lead DIVERSION" instead. ;)

I hope you like it.

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Home Care Lead Diversion Directories ? A Growing Problem

The best solution to this problem is to optimize your own website to the greatest degree possible to make it more likely that searchers will click on your website in the SERP listings rather than the directories. You can do that through expert home care website design and recurring, effective search engine optimization.

This is obviously an approach that should be done concomitantly to some sort of legal action. Since you mention that your legal budget is limited can't you envisage a joint (class) legal action with other local SEO companies and local companies? This forum could serve as a platform to rally a critical mass to make legal costs affordable. What does everyone think?
So sorry Tim, somehow I missed this.
Will Tweet it out on Monday.

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