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Jan 24, 2020
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This is a small thing, but in the mobile view the “new post“ button is a little lightning symbol. Other forums using the same software who upgraded at the same time as you have a button that says “New”. Just a little bit more intuitive.
I'll look into this, @DontBiteUrNails

The problem is the very limited space available on smart phones but there's probably a way to add the word "New" there next to the icon.
Here is an example from another XenForo forum on my iPhone:

Thanks, @DontBiteUrNails

That should be just a matter of replacing the lightning icon with that Font Awesome bubble.
Actually, there is no Font Awesome bubble like that. It's an icon and my concern is it would take up too much room on small screens.

I'll have a further look at this when I get a bit more time.

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