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Jun 6, 2018
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To my knowledge you can't link to your site from an FB page, I was told that you can link from the About page but who ever sees that. So guys, since Google also ranks on Social signals, how do you guys use SM to help your google rankings please?
Excellent question! There are a few ways to help add search signals to a brand's Facebook page.

When you add your website URL to your "about" info, it absolutely does help. The information appears on the "home" section of your brand's Facebook page (See image below, I think this is what you mean when you say link from your Facebook page to your website?) -it will also appear on the actual "About" tab on the brand's Facebook profile as well. While users may not frequent the "About" tab, Google can crawl it, so the benefit is still there.

A few additional tips to help your rankings:
  • Make sure your brand page has a descriptive custom URL (like You can use your brand name with a location-specific keyword if your brand name isn't descriptive or well-known
  • Post consistently, with one or two out of every five to seven posts linking to your website or local area businesses
  • Use unique images in your posts
  • Make sure your "About" info matches the info on your google business profile and website - Spelling, formatting, and abbreviations -anything that makes it easier for Google to see that the content is related.
  • Link from your website to your Facebook page
  • Link from your GBP to Facebook as well
    Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 1.42.50 PM.jpg
I hope this helps!
Thank you very much! This I gather is a totally safe way not to get your fb account terminated?
@mikepcservice, what @ErinJones said. A couple of other points:

1. If it's a "local" FB page people will see the link to your site on the "Home" tab (which is where most people land by default). Also, that landing page URL (and the one under "About") can be any page on your site.

2. Getting reviews is one of the best ways to bump your Facebook page - or your page on any other social media site or directory that allows people to review you. That doesn't help your site's rankings directly, of course (pretty much nothing social-media-related ever does), but it does help you in terms of "barnacle SEO."
Thanks, how many of you guys create a wikipedia page for your business please or maybe I should ask if it is worthwhile to do so for an SEO or Web Design Services "freelancer" meaning, non-agency?
@mikepcservice, with the help of a wingman I've been able to get up a couple of Wikipedia pages for clients. Those pages have been great "social proof" elements, and I'm pretty sure they helped us get some links we wouldn't have gotten otherwise, because journalists and bloggers and so forth who are researching my clients' areas of expertise found their Wikipedia page, or even found their resources cited as footnotes.

But those are the outlier cases. Almost always we or I decide not even to attempt a Wikipedia page in the first place. Why? Because of the squishy, arbitrary "notability" standard. In it, a tween TikTok star could get a Wikipedia page, but someone who's been an industry pioneer for 30 years might not. A great example in the SEO industry: maybe 5 years ago (give or take) they removed Danny Sullivan's page. It's up now, at least.

If you know a Wikipedia editor with a solid track record and who can say if you're in the ballpark of "notable," and if you know your client well enough to write a very compelling but reasonably objective bio/entry, then I'd give it a try. Fly it up the flagpole and see who salutes. Just know that many times the page will be removed, despite your best efforts. So definitely don't do it for nearly every client.
I simply don't get it with this facebook situation guys. I had created pc repair pages with link to my site many years ago and they are still there but a lot of facebook marketers I know create different accounts to protect their own but those other accounts gets terminated when they try to promote their sites in those accounts.

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