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Nov 7, 2018
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We work exclusively with insurance agencies, and we've never listed them as a SAB. Are we missing out of ranking for neighboring areas? Thoughts?
If they have physical brick and mortar locations, then they are not SAB listings. Google ranks a GMB for where there are initially registered and it won't have any impact if they were to change to a SAB to target other areas.
That is what I was thinking as well. What prompted me to revisit this, is that I have a client that was ranking #1 for a particular term which includes the city name they are located, and now I'm seeing them as #2 in a 3-pack behind a business without a website listed or an address showing. I searched for the business and found it is physically located about 5-miles away from the city being search. Any idea what I'm looking at?
That listing is not allowed and should be reported to Google using the Redressal form. You are not allowed to use keywords in the business name nor have a SAB in a city where you have a psychical location.

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