Jan 10, 2020
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My food bank is trying to solve a dilemma. Our front office is open 8-5 M-F, but our food pantry (where people come get food assistance) is only open W-F, 9-3. People see our main Google My Business listing that says 8-5 M-F, and then they think the food pantry is open when it is not.

To solve this issue, we tried to go the route of adding the "more hours" option to our main listing. Basically, we created a separate listing for the pantry at the same address as our food bank, thinking that Google would crawl it and therefore list the pantry as "more hours" under our main hours (see this thread for the information we've been using to inform this decision, and Scott Meyer 120's screenshot to show what we want to do).

The problem is....the pantry has never, ever crawled and its hours have still never appeared under our main listing.

How do I get them to appear? If this isn't the best solution, how do we get people to stop thinking our main office hours are not the pantry hours?

Thank you,


P.S. I've attached screenshots of our food bank's GMB profile as it appears in search (called Community Food Share) and my attempted creation of the food pantry listing (Community Food Share Onsite Food Pantry).

Community Food Share GMB.JPG

Onsite Food Pantry GMB.JPG

Colan Nielsen

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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi @danimariemclean I would contact GMB support to see if they can make the connection and add the hours to the main listing from the second listing.

If they can't help I would suggest creating a post at the Google My Business forum like in the example that you shared. Feel free to post a link to the GMB Forum thread here and/or DM it to me here at the Local Search Forum and I'll see if I can get some help from Google.


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