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Jun 28, 2012
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BrewSEO did a pretty good list of citation sources, so wanted to share it with you guys. Most of the majors are on here combined with some less well known sites that may be good as well.

A List Of Local Citation Websites That Doesn't Suck | BrewSEO

Here is a long, long list of local citation websites. This is a big part of the list that we have used on our own clients. As you can imagine, every client requires unique linkbuiding and citation solutions. To help you find the best resources in your niche, we included a tutorial at the bottom of this list that will teach you how to find even more citations resources to fit your company. These links will take you directly to the signup pages of the websites.

Are you new to local SEO? If so, make sure you keep your “NAP” (name, address, phone number) 100% consistent across every website. If you list your company as “company inc” on one site, do not list it as ‘company incorporated” on another site, or just “company.” I suggest you use a Google Doc with your companies’ information written down in your official format. A lot of citation websites will want your hours of operation, a company description and a list of tags or categories. Write all that information down in your Google Doc as well. Remember that in local-search the rule of thumb is to as consistent as possible.

Click through to see the full citation list here.

What do you think?
I don't want to sound like a hater, but here are a few notes that could really make this list not sucky (if taken into account):

- "The Gazette", as it is enlisted there, actually gets their data from (and Acxiom supposedly, but mostly from, and there is no way to add a listing to the site itself. Even if you check the link that they provided, it actually goes to the dashboard.

- There is no way that I know of to add a listing to It sources business information from third-parties.

- Google Places is not exactly a citation...

- is a travel website. And again, I don't really think there is a way to add a listing (unless you advertise, of course).

- Not sure what is doing there.

- is mentioned twice.

- is a business directory for Sacramento only.

- is a web directory, not a business directory.

- and are pretty much one and the same website. If you add a listing to one, you can't add to the other.

- is a business directory for California only.

- You can't add a listing to All listings come from CityGrid.

- is a Canadian business directory (its counterparts in the US is

- is obviously a site dedicated to Portland.

- First time I hear of Apparently this is BrewSEO's project.

- ...

- offers paid-only listings.

- is a travel-only site.

- same.

- Not sure what is doing here.

If all these are taken into account and taken care of (mostly removed, or at least moved below where the author mentions some location-specific and industry-specific sites) the list would then become a good one.
Thanks Nyag!

As everyone knows I don't specialize in or deal with citations at all. When I'm curating articles,
I just share what I find that 'might' possibly have info that could be helpful to others.

Then I let folks like you that ARE specialists in this area flush it out! :p
Thanks Nyag for pointing out the inaccuracies!
Hi. Thanks for reading through our list so thoroughly. :) We actually took some of your tips. Especially the ones where our "city specific listings" were out of place.

Some of the points that you made were inaccurate, but like our original list no one is perfect. For example, your comment on city-data wasn't correct. You can log in here, All Business Profiles and create a profile for your business. I've created multiple business accounts on this site.

Lastly, and this is mostly just an opinion, a citation and a business directory is not the same thing. Sites like, the Inc community, and even social media sites give you the ability to add your business' NAP to your profile. A citation does not have to be in a directory to help your local SEO. I've added some of these sites to the list to help people think outside-side the box.

One of my clients had a powerful PR team before I started working with them. Adding a NAP to their press-releases was a great way to build local citations... even though their PRs were not "business directories."

-Bryant Jaquez.

Thanks again for your feed-back.
Hi Bryant,

Thanks for paying attention, and I am happy you found some of my comments to be useful.

In regards with, this is something new I just learned, so that is one of the main reasons why I love such discussions and hope more people from the industry will be joining the forum. I would be happy if you point out all mistakes in my initial comment, as I like when people correcting me (that's the easiest way to learn, isn't it).

Regarding "citation [not equal] business directory", I completely agree with this. The reason why I pointed specifically to TED is because it seems a bit out of place there. I'm just not sure why it needs the special attention of being listed expressly there. But overall as I said, I completely agree, the so-called "unstructured citations" are one of the most underestimated factors in local SEO. As you could see here, "Quality of Unstructured Citations" is ranked #13 as an overall local search ranking factor, and "Quantity of Unstructured Citations" is ranked #17. Here are a few good articles related to building unstructured citations:

5 Ridiculously Sneaky Citations Most Small Business Never Think to Get!

The Complete Guide to Link Building with Local Events | SEOmoz

Google Places Citations: 5 More Tactics to Earn Links for Your Local Business | SEOmoz

10 Unorthodox Ideas For Local Citations Links

3 More Unorthodox Ideas For Local Citations Links | SEM CLUBHOUSE

I agree. Friendly debate is invaluable. I would not have noticed some of the things you pointed out in my list, unless you brought it to my attention. Thanks again!

I love David's local SEO ranking factors. Thanks for sharing the other links as well, I'm going to go read over them.

I should warn you, city-data deletes tons of business profiles if they aren't "unique". So if you're submitting listings for chains (like McDonalds), you have to work really hard to make sure the business description is different than other existing listings. It drove me nuts so I stopped using it.

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I also like this's long :) I haven't got through them all yet so I am not sure if they all work.

We have our own internal list of 115 with step-by-step instructions on how to submit to them (which we update frequently). I would post it on here but I'd probably get in a lot of trouble with my boss if I did lol.
Thanks Joy!

I noticed when I found that direct submit link at city data they seemed to really stress UNIQUE descriptions and sounded like they were pretty strict, so thanks for confirming!

Thanks for sharing Phil's list too. Anything from him is good stuff!
Great discussion people, thanks for the info!

I've started making quite a few citations on all the video hosting sites also, as opposed just just You Tube like I used to.

Uk and US seem fine but getting citations for OZ is a right pain in the arse! :) barely any in comparison.

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