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Oct 9, 2019
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Hi all,

More recently, I have had edits be denied immediately showing "Google couldn't verify your edit" for some pretty obvious cases (keywords, etc.)

Is the only way around this the redressal form? Or are keyword edits, "private place or home", and "never existed" just some of the least likely edits Google will approve?

Just curious here more or less if anyone else has been going through this?
@sixthcitysarah, there's not much you can do about those instantly rejected edits.

Sometimes Google will approve those later, as circumstances change: as more info comes to light, as other people flag the business, as the business's spam gets worse, etc.

Google's generally most inclined to approve edits to the name, especially if those edits are on the smaller side. "Private place" is iffy. I'm not sure I've ever gotten "Never existed" approved. For bogus addresses your best bet is "Spam, fake, or offensive." Google doesn't always approve that, of course, but your chances are better than they'd be otherwise.
If you see them constantly and nothing is publishing, it's possible your account was blacklisted. However, there are also some categories that just auto-reject no matter who edits them. I'd say your best bet is the Redressal Form.

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