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Jul 19, 2012
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Does anyone have a tactic for getting rid of and/or reformatting the sometimes ugly photo that shows in the Local Finder? I'm seeing a ton of half-faces and similar bad photos. I'm playing around with simply removing or rearranging the photos.

Has anyone else dealt with this effectively?

ugly photo.jpg

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ugly photo.jpg
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Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

Haha Colan, I clicked "Like" for the question and for you bringing this up.

BUT sure don't "Like" that problem. Since Google is so into photos, you'd think that's one thing they would have figured out before launching the new 3 pack which drives more people to the Finder.

I'll share and try to get some solutions.

Has anyone found anything that works???
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

I'll be curious to hear if others have found a fix. I have not. And that photo....sheesh.
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

yep - definitely interested in hearing what people figure out here...

but really, not that surprised that this is happening - remember all the problems with bad photos showing up when they rolled out the Carousel a few years ago? They never really fixed it, they just killed the Carousel... hopefully we can figure out something for this...
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

Thanks Dan, that's a new form I had not discovered yet.

Greg, was going to ping you on this so glad you saw it. I thought if anyone has figured out a solution on images it's Greg. :)

Sadly true about the Carousel!
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

From my experience as a now "Street View | Trusted" Photographer (The Google Business View Program is Rebranded) picture ratio makes the difference.

I add still pictures (POI) close to 5500 PX by 3700 PX, that was my rule of thumb. I found Google resizing larger pixel sizes to meet this ratio.

If I recall from another conversation on another forum, keep picrures to the 1280px by 800px ratio google handles the picture well.

I never had good suceess with a square or 1:1 photo.

Hope That Helps
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

Hey guys - I few days ago I found an option to select which photo you want to show in the local results. We just edit the photos so that what we want is displayed int the center of it.

If you google "plastic surgeon miami" then click on the listing you will see the cover photo which is the one we selected.

Check it out:

We selected the cover photo


Shows this now



Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

Thanks Dan, what does Google do when you submit that report? Do they replace the photo with the "next in line" in the dashboard?

No that would be to replace user or bot added images, I believe.
If the images are in your dashboard you control them.

Just select the profile image you want. (As Stefano showed.) Google does not always listen to you but your selection I think is a strong factor in which image is showed.

Thanks Stefano and Owen. Great tips and insights!
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

I don't know how to reformat the picture so it displays better, but I do know that Google uses the cover photo from the "Business photos" album for this picture. We've been strategically picking the cover photo of this album so they don't look horrible in that view. Still not the best though...
Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

So far for our experience, if you take the time to organize the photos into the proper areas, i.e. Exterior, interior, at work etc...then the photos will be better optimized for view.
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Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

Hey Gerry!

Has this worked for you for businesses that haven't had a Google photographer come out and take pictures inside their business? Paying for Business view?

Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos

In addition to the Local Finder, this also helps how they look on Google Maps. This "eagle" has no head on either at the moment.

Eagle Insurance Agency   Google Maps.png

Eagle Insurance Agency   Google Maps.png
I agree with Owen Kane that Street View | Trusted program dimensions because every client that has 360 business view also seems to have THE best images on GMB pages.

It feels like Google is creating the perfect issue that by the way is solved from purchasing 360.

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