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Feb 7, 2013
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I have a relationship with the owner of a small business in Los Angeles (U.S.) who is looking to expand his online presence, and since I'm not taking on clients, I told him I would check with some other great marketers :). Some of the basic details are below.
  • Acting Studio
  • One location (although they do offer classes in a couple other home-based locations)
  • Have a website
  • Have foundational local listings set up
  • Unclear what their goals are, but I recommended to them that they not revolve around "rank."
  • Very positive business owner who would be great to work with and would be involved in the efforts as needed.
  • Could be short-term or long-term relationship, depending on the goals determined.
Because the goals are unclear, appropriate tactics could go beyond the realm of traditional "Local SEO" (eg, paid, offline efforts, etc.), but that can be determined at your discretion after getting to know the business. Please PM me if interested!
I might have some suggestions. Do you have any idea (approximately) what their budget for SEO is?
Unfortunately no, since it's a bit of a new thing for them, and since they're not sure what the ROI would be. I know that's not helpful, but that's why it might take some partnership with them to determine realistic goals + budget.

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