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Oct 1, 2015
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currently I am trying to determine ranking factors in ... Google Partners search results. It is rather a peculiar type of ranking and don't know if optimization for better spots on official Google Partners list is even possible.

I'm thinking about the list of G. Partners which appears when you select a specific city:

I would be glad for any suggestions :)

My advice is not to waste your time worrying about it. We have a lot of certified employees so I think that helps with ranking. However, the leads we get from Google Partners search are terrible and I don't think we have closed a single one of them. The users are generally people with little-to-no advertising budget who want to spend like $200/month in AdWords.
thank you for advice. A Google Partner I am collaborating with, here in Poland, Europe, has opposite insights. Leads generated from G. Partners website seem to be of a higher "quality", which is they are more conscious about G. advertising possibilities. Perhaps it depends on the country or even specific city.

Once again, thank you for the reply.

Oh, interesting! I would probably suggest then getting more certified employees attached to the company. It seems to be the main ranking factor.
Yes, I also suspected that the number of certificates may play a role, however when searching for a G. Partner in a specific location, on the third place there is a Partner that is located outside city borders and outranks other Partners that have 5 certificates and spend a lot more on Adwords.

My findings are as following:
  • longevity of G. Partner seems to be the major factor,
  • number of certificates,
  • money spent on Adwords.

Perhaps my example is an exception from the rule and in other cities the number of certificates may be the solution.

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