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Apr 21, 2014
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We're starting to see LSAs in the Asheville area, and I've got a client who wants to sign up. He manages his GMB and Google Ads through different accounts. Does it matter which one he uses to sign up?
This is an interesting question.

When you sign up you, technically you are considered a Google Ads account. You will be assigned a 10-digit customer ID number that will be separate from your other Google Ads customer ID.

I would almost use the GMB email to sign up. I think this would avoid confusion. This really is only an issue when you are trying to assign users with LSA. You have to go into Google Ads to do so.

Side note—I wrote about this (admittedly it's not the best article). There might be some other tips you find useful in there.

I hope this helps.
@CraigJMount, thanks for taking the time to reply. I also saw this, which leads me to think they should go with GMB:
A Local Services ad is typically associated with a Google My Business listing but it doesn’t have to be. When it is, the Local Services ad will show reviews sourced from its corresponding Google My Business listing. Reviews can also be obtained through the Local Services ad platform, where Google is making an effort to improve the authenticity of reviews.
Hi @Rich Owings, sorry my wording there is a little confusing. What I meant is that a Google My Business listing isn't required to be in LSA. So it is possible for a business that doesn't have a GMB listing to participate in LSA.

The same account can be used for GMB and LSA, but even if they're in different Google accounts GMB reviews will be able to show on their Local Services ad.
Thanks @TomW. I think the client (a plumber in Asheville, NC) may have reached out to you for assistance. I told them you were the expert on LSAs!
Thanks for the kind words, @Rich Owings! We did talk and I think they're on the right path to get started in LSA now.

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