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Sep 27, 2012
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What have you experienced along the lines of costs for creating videos? I've been wanting to do videos for some time now but cannot find anything reasonable that can be passed along to a client.

I'm talking more about shooting the video, editing, etc. What are some valuable sources you've found for finding people/agencies who handle the shooting and production of videos? How have you managed offering videos and related optimization for your clients?

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Hi Luke,

I've done a ton of research for an exciting new local video service I'm trying to launch, once my carpal heals up a bit.

But you are right, the key for small local businesses is it has to be pretty low cost.
I think the sweet spot is under 500 and depending on the type of video and industry under 300 is ideal.

So I don't really see how you can afford to shoot live video, edit and do graphics and all the production for that low. But there are other options that are pretty cool.
I'll email you some info.

Brandon is one guy that really knows SMB video. Here's his site with pricing. He also has a course: Video Overtake University

Have you seen our new <a href="">Local Business Video Marketing</a> subforum?
Lots of good info there about video marketing and video SEO.

What about the rest of you? Do you do video for clients?
What type of videos do you do? How much do you charge?
Re: Costs for Videos

Definitely looking forward to hearing more about the video service. I will have a look at those links as well, thanks for sharing!

And naturally, I missed the new I'll be sure to peruse it shortly.
No worries, I keep adding forums once a topic picks up enough steam to warrant it and to try to make it easier to find stuff.

No matter what you do with video be sure to check out this post - it's a sticky.

<a href="">Hardcore Video SEO Resources with a Local Search Emphasis</a>
Hi Linda:

One of the add on products we've had success with is what we call the Customer Review Video. We take a customer review and create a 50 to 60 second video that we syndicate and get ranked. Generally package it at $679 for both the video and syndication.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the feedback on the video on our site. Our "previous" web guy (we found out only later) left us hanging on a number of items. We're in the process of redoing the website and will correct this item, which we had previously picked up. Oh, the vagaries of web stuff.

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