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Jun 28, 2012
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New Discussion at the Local Search Pros G+ Community

Chris Pistorius just asked a great question and an awesome discussion is just starting.

Chris Pistorius asked:

Just curious...

How many hours a week on average do you guys work per week?

Also, what percentage is spent on account management versus sales efforts?

Replies so far...

Joy Hawkins

When I first started in the industry I would work 50-60 hrs a week. Since I've had kids, I have forced myself to only work 40 and sometimes I'll catch up on reading blogs or posting on the GMB forum in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I am actually the only one at the company that is 50% sales and 50% account management. All the rest are 100% one way or the other.

Lance Moore

I work on average a 40 hour week. I don't focus on sales. There is a team who's focus is that. I do maintain client relationships, manage processes, research, and wear many hats.

Chad Russell

60. I'm an independent contractor and do both my sales and work. 

Thomas Lipscomb

60+ 75% Sales...

Kate Veinot

It really depends on the week. I work at least 40, but if there's an algo update or GMB guideline updates, huge flow of new projects, reports due on a weekend, etc, I just work until it's done! I find it's never slow, but it definitely goes in cycles. We're constantly running tests, so if a test shows results it's all hands on deck to implement a new strategy.

Linda Buquet

GREAT question +Chris Pistorius! And great answer +Kate Veinot! Even though I don't work on clients any more I'll answer.

I work 70 hours a week - just helping everyone and running my communities.

How many hours a week on average do you guys work per week?

What percentage is spent on account management versus sales efforts?

Weigh in at the Local Search Pros G+ Community if you are a member. OR here, whichever is easier.

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I posted on that thread but I want to ask the question here, since I know people here better.

Is everyone on this forum really working 40-70 hours a week? Is it out of necessity or just love of the game?

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