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Jun 27, 2017
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My biz / site has locations and pages for 13 cities, all of which we rank really well for, praises!!

But, something weird has happened with our San Diego page. It ranks really well if you're search for it from anywhere BUT San Diego?! So odd. I would love to hire someone to help me with this or get support here. I'm so puzzled!

Thank you so much for your guidance!
Hi Chancey,

Sorry to hear that. I'd be happy to take a quick look if you post the Name, Address and Phone number.
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Hey There.

Your San Diego address appears to be a UPS Store thus it's not eligible for a listing. That would definitely be the main issue.
Hey Joy, thank you so much for your help. While we do have a UPS box on the site for security reasons, that's not the home address we use for our google+ page. I do have someone looking into it more in depth now, praises. :D
That's great! I would suggest removing the address off your site to make sure your listing doesn't get flagged as a result. It would be easy for a user to assume that's the address you are using on GMB and flag it as spam. Better to be safe :)
Joy, what if I mark it more clearly as a mailing address? We often get pacakges at these locations.

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