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Jun 11, 2021
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We're in the market for a new seo tool that can do local rank tracking (Google Maps) as well as provide organic (Google Desktop & Mobile) ranking results. Bonus points if it also offers a Geo Grid to show how we rank for a keyword phrase when plotted on a map. Our current vendor offers these things, but has become very unreliable in terms of the accuracy of its data. Cost is a factor for us as well. We'd prefer to pay on a total keyword usage basis rather than a location or project basis, because we have over 100 locations and are growing. Any ideas?
If you want something a lot more basic, without any tracking but which shows the results people see when searching from specific locations (on organic search or local results on a map) have a look at this - Trick Google in to thinking you are searching from any location search google by location

It just shows the results on Google, has no tracking, charts, graphs or anything like that.

It's completely free though and useful for individual checking to see what people in other locations see (to a degree)

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