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Sep 1, 2016
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Starting seeing this message yesterday... mainly on unverified listings with a partial address.

Local finder version:


On a verified listing with a PO Box address:

@TomW, yeah, I've seen that a few times, too. Under the same conditions.

For the 2nd business, I'm surprised Google can't or won't just suck the address right off of the "Contact" page. It's listed there, and on that business's BBB page.

Of course, there's a chance that's just a "mailing" address or other non-compliant address, but that's also true of other businesses Google lets stay on the map. Apparently, Google just wants an address, and the address in this case is pretty easy to get at.
Hi Phil, for that second business, looks like the GMB listing associated with the address on their contact page is this one: Google Maps

I think a lot of the GMB listings with just city, state zip code are sourced from old yp and/or possibly dex listings. They ended up getting into aggregators and then a GMB listing was generated.

Since Google is able to identify that the location on these listings needs improvement, I wish they would just remove them altogether. I'm guessing most, if not all, are ineligible and are just cluttering up maps. It would be difficult for a user to improve the location on these, unless of course the message helps motivate a user to suggest that the listing doesn't exist. :)
@TomW, yeah, I have always assumed that those GMB listings are auto-generated from unreliable sources.

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