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Jul 7, 2017
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Anytime a user gets directions to our facility, regardless from which direction they come from, it wants to take them to the building next to us then shows the user having to walk through the trees to get to us. I have moved the pin closer to the road and that still does not fix the issue.

Our location information is below

Wilshire Estates Gracious Retirement Living
13716 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20904

You can submit a change to Maps directions, though it's a little unintuitive.

1. Open Maps on desktop and search for your location's address
2. Click "Get directions" and put in an address which will prompt the wrong directions
3. If there's multiple suggested routes, click into one of them
4. At the bottom of the page on Maps, click the tiny grey text that says "Send Feedback"
5. Click the Flag icon next to the step in the directions which takes the wrong turn
6. Choose "Other problems with this step" and describe the issue as clearly and concisely as you can - "Directions should stop at 'X Business', not continue down Y Street"

You may need to send feedback multiple times before it's changed, but I've had reasonable success in getting directions updated when they turned into the wrong street or went into a spot where you couldn't enter from.

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