Rich Owings

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Apr 21, 2014
Have they added the actual menu - not url

Full menu -name, desc, price
Not in GMB where it says "Menu - Add or Edit Items." That would be crazy to have to edit it there and on the website for each time a menu item changes. That's why they want to rely on schema to push it to Google. For what it's worth: Structured Data Testing Tool

But your Menu in the overview tab + that is not singleplatform - will need to check if grubhub and seamless (both same data) supersedes menu overview tab.
The client does not take orders, and if you go to the Seamless/Grubhub pages it says so and shows no menu. Do you think it will help to go to the source and ask to be removed?
Sep 5, 2019
Late to the party here, but finally joined the forum. I'm the developer that Rich has been helping out. I think the latest is that we should try to remove Seamless and Grubhub. I can give that a try. We did find a post somewhere that recommended adding and then removing a single menu item via the GMB Menus - add or edit items. I tried that, but nothing changed. Thanks to everyone for offering possible solutions here.

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