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Nov 7, 2018
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I have a website for a business with three locations. I've setup each location with their own location page. I'm adding location specific schema on each of those pages as well. However, when it comes to the home page of the website, should I have just the schema for the primary location?
@mikepetersonwi, I suggest having all 3 NAP blobs (with or without Schema) in the footer, along with links to each "location" page. The result, of course, is that each page of the site has the NAP info of each location. (No, that does not confuse Google, from what I've seen.)

The main content of the homepage also should have a blurb on each location (not just the primary location), with a link to each location page.

Putting a specific NAP blob on the appropriate "location" page is a good idea.
Thanks Phil.

Regarding Schema, do you think it is good to have the Local Business Schema for all three locations on the Home Page as well? Or are you suggesting that having the NAP for each in the footer with a link to the location page, which has the location specific schema is enough?
In my opinion, location schema only has any value if you add a price range field with the review markup. Neither of those can show on the homepage so I would add schema for each city to the location pages (with review markup) and not have anything on the homepage.
After further reading, I've come up with more questions than answers. I'll try to keep it simple:
  1. I'm running Genesis Framework which has some Webpage markup schema built in to it. My research suggests that this be disabled, since I'm using Yoast SEO, and that creates Webpage markup schema quite well.
  2. With that said, Yoast does not support the Local Business markup which includes hours of operation and business type (insurance agency.)
  3. I'm going to list all locations in the footer as suggested by Phil Rozek, with links to individual location pages. Each of those pages will include separate Local Business markup that is unique to each location, as well as Aggregate Rating markup using Business Reviews Bundle plugin specific to that location.
  4. I'm considering Nested Organization markup as well. Is this necessary? If so, where would it be placed, and does anyone know of a generator that does it well?
Does all of this appear to be a sound plan?
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