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Apr 19, 2023
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I was recently asked for advice on how to get reinstatements for 3 GBPs and not sure how to answer. The person owns 4 clothing stores each with their own url.

In total, 4 total suspensions have happened. One of the employees with the same domain email as the account owner created a NEW GBP profile for one of the suspended profiles. That GBP remains active and unsuspended. The other 3 however remain suspended. They've applied for reinstatement and have been denied.

Looking for guidance on how to approach the other 3. Should they just go through the Google Help Community?

ohhh... I'm so glad you said that. I was planning on - today - moving the profiles I am working with to my primary Google account where I am a PE and Local Guide, thinking that would be more 'trustworthy' than an account where I was an unknown and only had a GBP agency and nothing else.

Considering what you said, I'll leave my agency and those profiles on the account where the only thing I do is manage those profiles!

Question though - does that extend to the Google Profile Manager? If I assume management of a suspended profile so I can help them, or if a profile I have in the GPM is suspended, does that put the other profiles I have in the manager at risk? Do I need a separate Google account for every profile I work with to keep them separate? (ugh!),

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It 100% can be related to this. I advise people to NEVER store their Google Business Profiles in an account where they do lots of edits on Maps. If one of your edits trips a spam filter and you get your account blacklisted (yes, I've seen this happen to people who had over 100,000 edits), it will suspend all your listings in your account.

Could you explain what you mean by edits on Maps? Sorry, newbie question

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