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Sep 8, 2016
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In the past when searching Google Maps, if I click on any of the search results on the left side, the Google My Business info for that business would slide out and be displayed. But that's not happening for me today. Today if I click Google Maps search result, I get nothing. Anyone else? Here's a screen capture video: 2018-10-03_1411
Has anyone else noticed the local search results behaving differently this past week or so? It feels like Google is in the process of rolling out some update.

I've specifically seen:
  • Clicks from SERPs to Google Maps through the Knowledge Graph are not bringing up the business listing. It autofills the business name, but you have to click search.
  • The local stack of 20 businesses when you click through local pack - Can't click on the business profiles on the left. No way to expand sections.
Both of these things seem to be fixed as of publishing this thread, but I'm logging it here because this wasn't the first time I saw it.

Seems to be a disconnect between local search and Google Maps.

First - thank you for the video. Without it I would have had no idea what you were talking about :LOL:

I'm not experiencing that at all. It could be an extension you have installed in your browser that's blocking it. Sometimes I find stuff on Google breaks and then realize my Javascript plugin on Chrome is what did it. Try another browser to confirm that.
Also - Paul, looks like you're not alone. Just merged another thread into this one describing the same thing. I believe Colan experienced the other thing you're referring to Timothy. I'll have him chime in.
@JoyHawkins thanks for your reply and for combining the threads.

@Timothy Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

I have tried in Chrome and Firefox. I also asked 2 members of my team and they are experiencing the same thing. Is there a way to report problems like this to Google?
I'm still experiencing an issue that sounds related. Clicking on the map in the KP for a business I was looking at took me to maps but looked like this which sounds the same as what Timothy described.

Bill Blurr.jpg

I'll escalate this to Google to see if it's all related and whether or not it is a bug or something else.

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