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Jul 3, 2013
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Hi everyone!

I haven't done this before so I would appreciate any direction you can give me.

My client has asked me to help them clear up their NAP and citations. However I have 2 NAP formatting questions I am hopping you can shed some light on.

The address for the business is as follows:

14 Hughes
Suite B102
Irvine, CA 92618

My first question is when updating the NAP citations for consistency how do I handle the Suite number (Address Line 2)? What about when there is only one address field line (no Address Line 2)?

14 Hughes Suite B102 (no comma)
14 Hughes, Suite B102 (with comma)
14 Hughes B102 (no "Suite", no comma)
14 hughes, B102 (no "Suite")
and does it matter if I use B102 vs b102 (I noticed Google Maps made the "B" lower case")

My second question is regarding the phone number, does formatting matter?
+1 949-743-5463
(949) 743-5463

Here are links to the site and Google+ page:

Irvine Homes for Sale | Irvine Real Estate | New Homes in Irvine | Villages of Irvine | MLS Listings | Orange County Real Estate - Value Real Estate

If you notice anything else that is incorrect please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your help and if I can assist you with anything please let me know.
Before making any changes or improvements I like to pull a report first and see how many Nap's they have with different variations of the address. Is the client having ranking problems? Because back to Linda's old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it......I live by those words.

I pull the NAPs to look for a pattern and how many they have of each before fixing any address issues or phone number issues.
Hi Marie,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my question. Yes, they are having ranking problems. In addition to that, being new to local SEO, I am also curious from a best practices standpoint.

Regarding the phone number, and doing a lot of reading into the wee hours of the morning, I believe that (555) 555-5555 is the best format. Though Google is good at recognizing common the common variant of 555-555-5555. Can you validate this is correct?

With the address I have learned that STE is bad, #, and Suite are okay. I have also learned that some citation sites will do whatever they want with the "Suite". What I am still puzzled by is the best practice when it is on one line, i.e. there is no second address line. What is the best practice?

In the dashboard for this client I have Suite B102 on the second address line. However when searching in maps it is displayed as "14 Hughes b102" (no comma after the street name and Google changed the "B" to lowercase "b"). My best practices question is as I build citations for this customer where I only have one address line what would be the best practice to use for the address? I believe these two choices are my best options, however I am not sure which one is better

14 Hughes b102 (as displayed in maps)


14 Hughes, Suite B102 (using standard address formatting as I have listed in the dashboard)

Thank you for all your time and help it is greatly appreciated.

Because back to Linda's old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it......I live by those words.

Marie you listen well. How can you not when I harp on it so much in training, right???

Having said that, for Jamie's benefit, since he's new, if it IS BROKE (as in a violation or incorrect address) you must fix it. You just need understand what's broke and what's just a formatting issue.

Need to research to be sure NAP is correct in the dashboard 1st. The whole 1st part of my training explains how to do this and it's way too complicated to type, I have to explain verbally. And it kinda depends on situation and I explain all that too.

Then once you are sure, build your citations to match what's in dash. Don't match to what Google is showing on the live listing because she may change it tomorrow and sometimes even on the fly changes it. So the dash version rules.

On citations don't worry about suite line 2. It will likely display the same either way. Just in the Google dash suite needs to be on line 2. But as you notice on the live listing it reads straight across anyway.

So it's easier than you think. Make sure it's correct in dash. IF you discover address is not ideal just a formatting issue and no guideline violations that really be careful about changing anything in NAP. It can cause lost reviews, make you start over in the 6 week ranking cycle or create dupes or other problems.

But once it's right - then build citations to match dash - exactly.

"(555) 555-5555 is the best format. Though Google is good at recognizing common the common variant of 555-555-5555. Can you validate this is correct?"

I strongly encourage always usning (555) 555-5555 on your site. Yes she's pretty good at guessing. But I teach that the algo is like a kindergartener and often gets confused. Sometimes for instance if you search maps for 555-555-5555 or 555.555.5555 she'll show you a listing in Turkey or say she does not understand the query. So I don't risk it and always use standard phone format. (There could be a mobile benefit in some browsers too I think.)

Pretty critical that NAP on listing and site match up perfectly, so why risk missing a match just because a designer likes a non-standard phone format?

My 2 cents. :)

Happy 4th!
Hi Linda,

Happy 4th to you too!

Phone number is understood now :) Ya!

Still a bit confused if on citations. I believe you said I should only use Address Line 1 and not use Line 2 ever if the offer it, the exception being in Google Dashboard. Is that correct?

The other confusion is which one to use:

14 Hughes b102 (as displayed in maps)


14 Hughes, Suite B102 (using standard address formatting with ",", "Suite", spelled out, and capital "B")

Thanks again for all your help. Please send me information on your training I would like to learn more and sing up. Also do you offer reviews or just training?
No sorry for confusion on address line 2. In Places dash needs to be on line 2 it's in the guidelines. For other citations what I meant is use line 2 if there is one but if there isn't don't worry about it.

Suite - What is in dash right now?

I thought you said in dash was "14 Hughes, Suite B102". What I said is if it ain't broke don't fix it. If that is the correct address do not risk changing it. And then build out 3rd party citations based on what's in dash (which is correct) not what Google chooses to display.

Yes thanks, I got your training request but was swamped, then out for the 4th. Will send you info tomorrow.

What do you mean do I offer reviews? You mean customer reviews?

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