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Jun 28, 2016
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Hi, there. Any SEO NAP issues with a single physical address for two legal business entities? In other words, using my client's existing 20-year-old Renovation business address for his next business also? He's already registered the new corporation so it's happening. In a sub-niche of Renos with a partner so it's a separate legal entity. Will steer clear of virtual addresses for GMB/citations but new physical address options are limited. What would you recommend to him? Thanks!
There is no more NAP consistency. Google is able to tell what a business is and most citations are connected to it. Multiple business share address with no issues. This Benihana is located inside the Westgate. They share the same address but have different names, categories, telephone numbers, and website URLs. Here is another restaurant at the same address and it also has different names, categories, telephone numbers, and website URLs.

Build your citations like normal unless the categories are the same, that would be my area of concern.
The address will not be an issue at all. The days of NAP consistency are over. Here are two restaurants using the same address. Benihana and Fresco Italiano. Both are located in this hotel and casino. Create your citations like normal. The reason you will need to worry is if they are using the same category, then you could be filtered or one could get suspended or marked as a duplicate.

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