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Jul 23, 2018
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I have a client who's business has been given unjust reviews. Most recent was four weeks ago and I have one I responded to over 11 months ago. I could really use some help with this. My business partner even tried the advertiser community with google, but I only got a small response and it didn't seem like anything is going to come of it. Here is the link to learn more about the dispute.
Hey Daymond,

I agree with what the other 2 TCs have posted on your thread. There, unfortunately, isn't anything in the review that violates Google's guidelines. There isn't a way to prove that the person that left the review isn't a customer so I'd suggest flagging it but if they don't get removed I'm afraid there isn't likely anything that can be done.

Thank you for at least reviewing it. I will try to flag it and see if that will help. Now I do have another issue which is my client has two business listings do you have a thread to where I can get one removed?
I messaged them through direct message yesterday. What is their turn around time on responding?
Usually 1-3 days.
I received two fake reviews from a video gamer kid who saw one of my YouTube videos and took a dislike to me. The video was supposed to be unlisted as it gave instructions on how to leave a review.

I complained to Google and did all the research identifying this kid - He's based in the USA and posts on hacking and Minecraft forums.

Google would not accept my pleas. So annoying. On the other hand, my response to the fake reviews was good! Let's hope I mitigated well enough.

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