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Dec 9, 2014
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Background - client of a client
We aren't doing any SEO on this client currently - mainly reputation and content.

I created a video for this because I couldn't even begin to explain it by writing it all out.
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clients client: Steely & Smith Insurance - Home, Car, and Life Insurance in Doylestown PA - not in or near center of town

competitor: Insurance Agency Chalfont, Warrington, Pipersville PA | Devlin Insurance Agency - outranking on most of keywords
the clients client seems to think (and we know better) that the "how did you find us today box" is helping this site rank.

Insights? Thoughts on what I can say to the client?
Hi Holly,

Thanks for the video. That is super helpful. Can you clarify whether you are diagnosing local or organic ranking? Or both?

In your post it sounds like you are interested in Organic, but the video is looking at a Google+ Local competitive analysis.

I would like to give the client an answer for both - but you're right I should have defined. I am stumped about the local results - of course this was created before everything went to the Snak Pack so it may be a moot point.
So no expert takers on advice? Okay let me continue to research what I can find out.
Could be that your client doesn't have any reviews on their Google+ page and Devlin has 24 reviews?
That's my thoughts exactly. Between the two the only difference seems to be the complete lack of reviews on my clients' client's side and that they are not near the center of the town.
Hey Holly,

These are some notes I made when looking it over.

Remove all instances of the city-name, state name + categories on G+. Delete the link to the page itself. I would go with just: Since 1929 we have provided continuous insurance coverage of all types. Being a member of the Keystone Insurers Group affords the ability to offer its customers specialized products.

Your homepage is ranking organically (around position 19) for "auto insurance doylestown PA" it would be better if your auto insurance page ranked for that instead. Ex title tag "Great Auto Insurance Coverage | Doylestown PA". I would eliminate the list of keywords on the homepage (home, car life) in the title tag and just optimize it for Insurance Doylestown or Insurance Broker etc and then optimize all the inner pages for the specific type of insurance. You can also get review stars on inner pages - they are much better to have ranking. - links to as the main website link.

Devlin isn't just killing it with Google reviews, they have awesome reviews everywhere:
Devlin Insurance Agency - Insurance - Doylestown, PA - Reviews - Yelp
Devlin Insurance Agency Doylestown, PA, 18901 - (these are recent)

Thank you so much for the tips. I will implement them right away.

And you're right - devlin is kickin' butt with reviews and I've said over and over to this client - they need more reviews.
Sorry to keep you hanging so long Holly!

Joy to the rescue!

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