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Apr 24, 2015
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Hi Linda thanks for the welcome.

Thanks for letting me know that my post was deleted.

I m pretty new to all this web stuff so I have no idea what you want me say when they are causing problems with my business and not become aggressive fighting this. I have worked hard to build my company. I see them as a third party just trying to leach off my hard work so frustrated is a understatement ...I do have an idea of how I should post my problem so thanks again..

Like I said I am green with all this so I hope to learn all I can and hopefully contribute.

Are you asking for a link to my G+ page ?

Here is my site that has been dropping like a rock down 98%..`House Painter Lansing MI | Painting Contractor Okemos | Ingham County | Eaton County Michigan
Need sme advise.

Please advise, I moved so some of my listings on the web have the wrong address..Some I have been able to correct myself other's want me to use yext..? So the ones I have changed yext will not report that the listing is verifiable with out ponying up some doe..

The are are holding address info about my business and want me to pay $450.00 to fix them all then $49.00 a month after that..
How can these people hold my info hostage like this- It's my address ! Now my web site is dropping like a rock on Google...

Godda be some one that knows a way around a third party holding info hostage. I do know moving causes some google issues but I did give them a heads up and verified my site, psychical address and all other info.

If I need to pony up some doe I rather pay a person that is a small business owner not a web dogma...
Re: Hello From Mich

Yes I asked if you would post down in the help section and give a link to your G+ Local page and tell us the exact search phrase.

I'll split this off, move the post for you. Find the link to your page and move it down there for you. Guess at your main keyword. Then will reply after it's in the right forum.
Re: Need sme advise.

I already moved your other post that was in intro to the help forum since you replied in your intro post instead of providing the info I requested in the help forum.

So now I'll need to merge this post with that one so everything is in one place and not all disjointed in 2 different threads.

I asked you some Qs in the post above too so after you answer I can try to help.

Hang on while I merge the 2.

OK all merged. Once you answer I can try to give you some feedback.
Re: Need sme advise.

Yes that is my page, Thanks! I moved from Eagle to Portland. I am trying to rank when some one search's for; house painter, Painter, interior panting,Exterior painting lansing Mi. Thanks again for the help..
Re: Need sme advise.

Thanks for the added details.

I assumed since the head of your title tag is "House Painter Lansing MI" that's what you are optimizing for.

The thing is, with Google Local you'll typically only rank in the city your are in or occasionally smaller really low competition cities. I realize Lansing is the bigger city so you want to rank there, but in local it would be pretty hard unless you are located there.

If you Google "House Painter Lansing MI" Google is only showing 3 companies on the 1st page of search and they are all right in Lansing.

You have barely any backlinks - mainly from that one forum, and forum backlinks don't count for much these days - so that's something you could carefully work to improve.

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