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Oct 15, 2013
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I have a client that has 5 locations. I need to merge 3 of those locations into one of the locations (the main location). Each location has reviews, so need to keep those and move them to the main location.

Each location is verified. Don't want to just delete those other locations because of the reviews.

What's the best way to do this now? Contact GMB support?
Did the 3 locations close or were they duplicates? Why do you need to merge them?
Good question, Eric.

This is a B2B company, with one main location. The other locations are just support/tech/data centers and customers never go to those locations. So the business really just wants the main location to be verified and the others to not show up.

But, the dilemma is that there are reviews on the other locations (since they've been verified), and when someone searches for a keyword near that business one of their other offices shows up (which it should).
That's common, and not a big deal at all. Just explain the situation to Twitter Support, they'll transfer all the reviews to the real business listing, and merge/delete the extras (depending on the circumstances). Joy's got a great guide on specifics you'll need for different kinds of duplicate situations.
Agree with James. Twitter support has been the easiest to work with for cases like this.
Reached out to Twitter Support on 9/27 and haven't heard anything back from them. Nothing's changed in the listings, either.
Twitter support has been slammed for the last two months or so. Response times of 1~2 weeks are normal right now. Just be patient, they'll get to it.

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