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Sep 13, 2018
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Google has now enabled regular, offer & event posts to feature more than one photo! It's kind of a cool new feature that might be used for storytelling within Google Business Listings.

There are a few kinks to iron out:
  • Images were not scrollable on mobile (nor do they indicate there's more than 1 photo)
  • The multiple photos sometimes post out of order compared to how you upload them - so be aware your storyboard might not work yet.
There were also a few speculating that the reason posts were borked the last few weeks was because Google was rolling out this feature.

Pretty solid supposition - although Google will never tell.

What are some creative ways you're going to use this feature?

2020-02-21 15.45.29.gif
Ooh, exciting!

I'm imagining some good before and after shots will come out of using this feature (provided Google does let you choose the photo order at some point...)

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