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This app wants to View and manage your business listing on Google. I don't mind the view part, but cannot let an app have permission to manage.
Nice resource, @davidmihm. Thanks for creating it!

I think you could get some mileage out of an "export" or "email to a client" feature. It would have ThriveHive's logo and maybe a call-to-action on it.

Fantastic idea Phil -- adding to the team's list for discussion and prioritization as we speak :)
This app wants to View and manage your business listing on Google. I don't mind the view part, but cannot let an app have permission to manage.

Understood & no pressure here :) Just for context, the reason we are asking for permission to manage is that we'll be offering some automated features down the line via our guided, conversational interface that we hope will make managing your listing a little easier than it currently is thru GMB directly...
That was terrific @davidmihm I used the Grader to review my Google My Business listing - reluctantly. Worried that I'd not done enough, I found I'd set everything up very well. Yay! Two suggestions were easily fixed. Thanks, @JoyHawkins for the intro to David and ThriveHive Grader.
What does "update free" mean ?

and when you click share review on Google what is that suppose to do ?
Hi Jim,
If you're referring to the Grader itself, this means that there are no Google- or user-suggested updates to review on your GMB profile.

As far as 'share review', this should be sending you to the Google Maps page for your business (if it exists) to click the share button - if you're seeing an error, do you mind DM'ing me the N.A.P. of your business and I can have our team look into it? We had some issues with that earlier this week but thought they were resolved.
This is the first in our promoted posts series. I wanted to introduce a new tool to you guys that was just launched and gives you a score on how you're doing with your Google My Business listing.

You can login and grant access to your GMB account and it gives you a rating based on what features in GMB you are currently utilizing. I'm proud to see that our clients are getting a good score!
ThriveHive Grade.png

I can see myself using this for conversation starters with leads/potential clients to show them how much they are currently missing out on. I just did it on a listing that belongs to a business we're currently doing an audit for and they failed :LOL:. It points out how they're not utilizing features like posts or responding to their negative reviews.
ThriveHive Grade 2.png

Once the scan is done, you can click the "Continue on my own" button at the bottom.

thrivehive 3.png

This takes you to a screen with a to-do list based on all the items that you missed. This list gets updated regularly.
ThriveHive To Do.png

What do you think? Do you have any questions about it for David Mihm or the ThriveHive team? Please chime in below.

This sponsored post is brought to you by ThriveHive. David Mihm recently joined their team as the Vice President of Product Strategy.

Hey Joy, does this tool work with an account who has multiple GMB listings claimed in?
Hi Rosa, I know you asked Joy, but I'll chime in here :)

It does work with accounts w/multiple claimed listings. The first thing we ask for is for you to select the specific listing on which you'd like us to run the scan.
Hi, it's been six months since launch, any plans to expand the tool to work in Australia?

The only way I can gain access to this tool is if I take ownership of the GMB of some podunk gas station in rural Alabama or start cold calling businesses in the middle of the night, or if someone can grant me manager access so I can have a peek? :unsure:

Is it similar to Scoring Your Brand Page at Google - Local University except more automated, or do they attack the same issues from different angles?
Hi Adam,
We are still limited to businesses in the US and Canada :/. Unfortunately we don't really sell our products or services in the Australian market, at least yet.

In terms of comparing the ThriveHive Grader to the Local U Brand Score, our tool is 100% focused on GMB and automated, whereas the Local U tool is a little more manual and focused on the search result for your business as a whole.
This website link seems not to be working in the UK. Does anyone else have any issues with the site from the UK.
Hi Oliver,
Currently Grader is only available in the US & Canada. ThriveHive only serves North American customers and at the moment I have not been able to make the case to leadership to try to expand our market.

Thanks for your interest & I'll be sure to post an update here if that changes.

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