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Jun 28, 2012
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I feel it's really important for full-time consultants to at least scan topics at the Google and Your Business forum daily to watch for any updates, bugs or tips related to whatever current problem you may be having with a client, such as moving or suspended or pending or whatever. However the forum is a little noisy and hard to wade through with some problem posts being repeatedly bumped up over and over, or off-topic or spam posts coming in.

Scanning the headlines via RSS is a great way to stay on top of everything over there.

That's how I do it. Every AM I scan the RSS feed, then click through if there is something of interest or something I think I can help answer.

BUT for those of you who are here every day anyway and who DON'T live in your Feedreader, like I do, I thought it might be handy to have a feed of the G forum posts here for you to easily scan through.

Plus I'll be escalating important posts to the main discussion areas that have important info you guys need to know.

Welcome to the Google Business Forum Highlights Feed

I'm trying my best to circulate all the important info that comes up over at the G forum. Stay informed and use this to your advantage.

(Note the G forum posts DO NOT show up in recent posts or our main RSS feed. There are too many posts and it's too noisy and off-topic sometimes. So you need to click to read that section of our forum.)
Thanks, Linda! This is handy. (I rarely check Google's forum because it frustrates the hell out of me.)
YAY! So glad you guys like it.

I kinda thought it would come in really handy for some folks that have a hard time getting over there.
Awesome. Glad you like it Bobbie! :)

My GOAL as stated in the announcement thread was to bubble up and bring out important threads as I see them or work on cases there. BUT have been so swamped with trying to get all the new feature/upgrade announcements out and smashing suspended bugs, just have not had time. It's been a crazy whirlwind this week. But if it ever settles down I'll try to do it.

BUT just having the feed here for easy quick scanning I think is still helpful.

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