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Jun 28, 2012
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<a href=""><img src="" alt="Google+ Local Wizard" height: 128px; width: 128px; align="left" hspace="2" /></a>BrightLocal just launched a big update including a full site make-over. They added 2 new tools and launched 'Bundled Packages' which means you can access 5 SEO tools through 1 subscription.

One cool tool they released is called the <a href="" target="_blank">Google+ Local Wizard</a> and they also overhauled their <a href="" target="_blank">ReviewBiz badges</a> so you can create white-label badges to help build backlinks to your business.

Read about all the updates here.

Check out all the Local SEO tools here.

View the new packages and pricing here.

They also launched a new help forum.

Let me know if you have questions and I'll get Myles to come answer them for you.
Hi Linda,

Have been playing around with the new Google+ Local Wizard and it's certainly throwing out some interesting information. Especially interesting are the cases where businesses with more citations, links, reviews and domain authority rank below listings that haven't even been claimed yet. Have been scratching my head a bit on this one!



Hi Linda

Thanks for putting this piece about our tools in your forum - nothing escapes you does it!

Yes we have released some new tools which we're very excited about. We've also updated the website design and added a user/customer forum so we can stay right on top of any issues and give answers to questions ASAP.

I'll monitor the forum here for any questions which get posted.

Thanks again (thanks to Nick @ Onvizi also)
This looks really great. I'm checking it for Polish results and it keeps running. Too bad there are only 4 countries supported now.
Hi Jacek

We'd love to roll out to as many countries as we can do ASAP but these things take time and we have to juggle the development of new tools vs. extending existing to new markets.

We'll be there one day and hopefully that's not too far away!

Hey Myles, thanks for stopping by. Meant to email you about this post, but figured you see it.

Nick I would assume the rankings are blended therefore based more on organic and so claimed or not, # of citations and # of reviews does not really count. Maybe they just have really strong onsite. I'd love to get a better look at that screenshot. Can you post a bigger one? If the forum won't let you make it big, maybe you could do it at or somewhere and post a link so I can view full size?

I need to get in a play with the software myself. Can't wait to dig in!
Hi Linda,

Here's a link to a larger screenshot - Upload Screenshot

Think you're probably right about the onsite stuff. We've been suggesting a few things to our client that, as yet, they haven't implemented. Maybe this will help to give them a nudge.
We're going to add detection for result type to both our Google+ Wizard tool and the rank checker.

This will let you know if it's a pack results vs. blended so that gives more context to the different ranking factors.

We hope to push this out in the next 2-4 weeks
Oh yea! You know I'm a big fan of that feature!

Thanks, Miles

Nick forgot to tell you thanks for that bigger screenshot, that helped. When I looked at the sites in question briefly yesterday it seemed to me on-site really needed work to make that one pop up.
Thanks for sharing Linda. I am a fan of BrightLocal and it's kinda re-assuring to see you supporting them as well.
Yep I'm a big fan! Was a BETA tester and have used for a long time. One of my very fav tools. Have posted about many of their updates and new offerings on my blog, but this has been the 1st newsworthy announcement I'm aware of since I launched the forum in July. Hence the 1st real mention here. But ya, I'm a fan!

Eventually, if warranted I might break out a Local SEO tools section of the forum to house updates about new or existing tools.

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