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Aug 1, 2012
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OK guys, I have recently had access to play with the new Google Maps as seen in the previous thread Video Walkthrough of New Google Maps - Impact on Local SEO.

True to my word, I would like to have a Google Hangout and let anyone direct me on where to go, so we can all geek out at once.

Google hangout scheduled for 11:30AM MST. That's mountain time. I will not have a video feed available for my ugly mug but I will share my screen and would love to take any suggestions or directions for those who don't have access to the new Google maps. You can access the hangout here or visit my G+ profile in my signature. Please message me if there is any issue joining and I will send you a calendar invite.

Thanks Ryan,

Unfortunately hardly anyone checks in on Sunday night so they won't see this. And I'm afraid not many will have a chance to see this in the AM or schedule time on that short a notice, but I hope some of our members see this and can join you.

I may try to make it if my voice is back but AMs are rough for me because I'm PST and that's when I'm publishing my new content and playing catch up from weekend.
This is a great idea. Thanks Ryan!

I would love to see how searches for service based companies would appear (plumbers, electric, pest control etc.)

Best, Tom
Ryan, I just tweeted this to try to get more participation for you.

Will you be recording?

One thing I'd like to request and I'll put it in writing here in case I can't make the hangout or don't have a voice due to this stupid laryngitis.

Here is what I would like to see...

This would assume you've never searched for the term "Seattle Chiropractor" so there would be no personalization. So don't search and click around in advance or the maps could change based on that. Therefore your 1st search would be closer to what a prospective new patient's search would be like.

Do regular Google search for Seattle Chiropractor. Note/remember which listings are on top.

Then Map search for Seattle Chiropractor. Compare to see if all 7 are highlighted on the map. Anyway at all to see that #1 on search is #1 on maps? Any prominence at all?

Next click view all results (instead of top reviewers or circles) Does the ranking order there jive with the ranking order on regular search?

Thanks! I'll try to be there if I can. But have no web cam and maybe no voice. It's sort of hit or miss with talking so far today. Sometimes I can squeak, but it's very irritating to listen to.
I've never used Events Ryan. Some are listed as going, some are listed as maybe. But I can't find out how they did either. How do I sign up as maybe? I don't see a button anywhere to do that?

Oh guess I needed invite and I see you invited 88 peeps but I don't think I was one of them. But I'm out promoting this for you on Twitter and G+ so I assume you'll invite me. :) But then I realized I had not followed you yet, so maybe you could not?

Just followed you. Here is my G+
Hi Guys, please message me so I can invite you to the hangout via email or follow me on G+. The event will not let me do a screenshare so I will be doing it via hangouts. Anyone that is present in the event I will message and invite to the hangout if you are late. I have been trying to get approval from youtube for a live broadcast, but it has taken forever. Please let me know if you have any tips. Thanks and hope to see you there!
Also Ryan, can you do a map search that shows some SABs with hidden addresses?
Sorry guys. Due to some pretty bad weather, it has affected our internet connection. I have rescheduled the hangout to 2:00 MST
Technical difficulties. Ryan's PC crashed. Re-sceduled.

Roswell had the new maps so we just jumped around and looked at a few things. Thanks Roswell!
Hi Linda:

I was on for about 30 minutes and then got off when you or someone mentioned it would be rescheduled. Any word on that? Thanks.
Sorry Jon, Ryan announced above in post #10 that it was re-scheduled to 2 MST yesterday. So it already happened. He had Internet connection issues.

Here is the recording: New Google Maps Live Recorded Hangout - YouTube

I have a big long post coming out in about an hour that goes into detail about some of the Maps changes I brought up in the hangout that are going to affect Local Search.

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