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Jun 28, 2012
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Want to help shape Google My Business going forward?

Want to maybe even test new features that are coming?

(FYI I'm sure you'll need to sign an NDA like I did when I became a Google TC.)

Look what I just discovered...

The Google My Business User Experience team is recruiting business owners and marketing managers to participate in their Feedback Program.

I have been telling Google FOR YEARS they need a focus group of lower tech business owners as well as high level local search consultants to test stuff before they release it and to even check messaging to be sure it makes sense.

Here is what the tester/feedback invitation page says.

Google My Business Feedback Program

Help shape the future of Google My Business (GMB) by signing up for our Feedback Program!

We're seeking business owners and social media/marketing mangers to participate in many different types of user research projects. Some of our research projects include:

In-person interviews at Google
In-person interviews that take place at your home or office
Remote interviews conducted over the Internet
Online Surveys

In addition to getting a sneak peek at what Google is building for businesses, Feedback Program participants receive gift cards and Google schwag as a token of appreciation for their time.

If you would like to be a participant in these studies, please fill out this short form.
We'll then email you periodically regarding studies we think you might be a good fit for.

So I hope some of our members here sign up and help Google move GMB forward in ways that benefit everyone!

What do you think?

Let us know after you sign up!

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Very cool. I just applied!
Threw my hat in the ring and just applied too.

I'll probably be declined as not a good match. :p
I hadn't noticed this before now (I joined the forum after this was originally posted).

I just signed up also. It may be too late, but you never know unless you try.
Hopefully they pick me... I feel like Google's picking teams for kickball and we're all just patiently waiting and hoping lol
Sorry to have missed this first time around (when originally posted), but applied since the form still shows.

Fingers crossed ;)
I'm giving a talk at a conference next month, do you think it would be okay to give the link to the audience?

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